Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wrapping It Up With New Friendships

I started my glorious day off with confidence, joy, and slight sadness. My three week adventure has almost come to a close and it felt glorifying to end it with a positive attitude. I had my last Columbia breakfast with a floor mate and we chatted over some eggs and pancakes about how much we'd miss our experiences. We both discussed what we planned on doing in the upcoming future and what colleges we dreamed of attending. After an awesome chat, I said my goodbye and headed back to my dorm to do some final revisions on my essay.

The morning session of class was exhilarating. We concluded our class with a final debate. My group went up second, with our case concerning the search and seizure clause in the Fourth Amendment. Brief background of the case: John Rogers was convicted of hiding and assisting a fugitive drug lord and child hood friend, Al Chapo. The FBI collected evidence of images depicting Rogers and Chapo smoking cigars, watching TV, and relaxing together in Roger's home through the use of "GoogleTelescopePlus". Roger's home was see through as it was made entirely out of windows, but he lived in a private beach front. We based our arguments on the fact that Roger's gave up his privacy by aiding an internationally wanted criminal and by living into an easily visible house. Our debate wasn't heated but was extremely intense especially between me and my arch nemesis, Carson.

The afternoon session was extremely relaxed as we all pitched in food as a class and sat outside and got fat. Varieties of cupcakes, chips, cookies, and sodas all lined up the grassy area just waiting to be taken. Our class all started to indulge ourselves in the diabetic treats and bonded simultaneously. I got a chance to talk with most of my classmates and started to get to know them on a much broader level than I did before. As we wrapped up our class picnic, I realized how much I'd actually miss them. During the three weeks the class didn't really get a chance to bond as much as we did today, and having started creating that bond and then saying goodbye, was really saddening, especially considering the fact that we would most likely never see each other again.

After some emotional goodbyes, Izabel and Alyanna and I met up with Ms. Thrift once again at the MET. We checked out the MET's "China: Through the Looking Glass" exhibit which was filled with the elegance of historical beauty. It really was fascinating to look at the different historical details behind each dress and the significance behind it. Shortly after, we met up with Deborah and her friend, Brian. We spent some time enjoying the view of the sunset from the MET's rooftop, again pictures speak louder than words:
After some self reflection, we decided to conclude our final day in NYC with a short stroll through Central Park. Brian quickly assimilated with our infectious attitudes and within seconds, we were all getting along. We came across a swing set along the way and as a result, we just had to get on it. The inner child in all of us sprung out immediately as we all smiled and screamed. A little boy that goes by the name of "Princeton" sat next to me on the swing set and asked me in the most innocent voice if I could push him. Adored, I immediately said, "Of course, son." 

Once we parted ways with Ms. Thrift, we all spent more time together with Brian in our final ours in the Big Apple. We got some boba at TeaMagic, an amazing boba shop right down the university's way. We all sat there, telling stories, choking on tapioca balls, and laughing our butts off. Before curfew hit, we crowned Brian an unofficial member of our cohort and said our last meaningful goodbyes. 

With the remainder of time at hand, we decided to end our Columbia adventure right where we started it and sat on the ledge of Columbia's former library.

As it all draws to a close, it makes me realize how much I've grown as an individual. These past three weeks has truly been a humbling adventure and has motivated me to work harder in the coming years. 
Well here it goes, a few more hours more...


  1. You never told us who won the debate. Did Carson go down?

  2. Your panoramic at the rooftop garden came out so much better than mine! What a perfect way to end our amazing trip!

  3. I could tell he went home frustrated...let's keep it at that.