Monday, July 20, 2015

Traveling with Friends

While driving back to El Cerrito I posed a question to the group, what was the best memory you had of the trip? Well I had to think really hard to answer that question. I began to think about my trip as a whole, I stated with the beginning. The first couple of days where in my opinion the best because I made friendships that I could bring back home with me. On the first night of our trip the best memory I have is going into Safeway and everyone in my cohort being so excited to buy an entire cheesecake. I sill can’t believe that all it took to make us happy was a cheesecake.
I still find it hard to believe that we visited so many places like the monuments in Washington D.C., the monuments where just astonishing to look at. Walking around the city felt so romantic in the sense that the air was warm, the fireflies were out, and the city felt awake at night. One of my favorite places I visited had to The Met museum in New York because I was just put in awe by the creativity placed in one building. There was one picture that is still stuck in my mind; I hope to go back one day to see it again.

The food in New York does not compare to anything I have ever experienced. I can still remember my cohort reactions after eating at our favorite restaurant for the first time and just falling in love with the food. Personally I think that the conversations after the food made the experience even better. Joyce always asked why we were so quit during our meals, to answer her questions we were enjoying our meals to much to talk. The food just as amazing as the people I shared it with.
I learn valuable lessons from the people I met on my trip. The couple I met on my plane ride to Washington D.C. contacted me about a week ago to inform me that they read my blog and where put in tears by the kind words I had to say. It was nice that they contacted me to tell me how their trip went and to tell me the end of their story, by the end of their journey they chooses to move to Texas just like I had hoped they would.

The first day of class, I felt so intimidated by my classmates since they seemed to already know so much about constitutional law. The intimidation did not last long and by the end of the course I felt like I had learned as much as everyone else. In class we learned about the power of freedom of speech the lesson carried out of the class when I would meet people from different countries who did not have that same right.

I had a real sense on independence in the city. Columbia is a great school and I can’t wait to talk about college when school starts and some on my senior classmates might want to know more about a college in a busy city. While I was in Columbia I felt like I always had something to do in the city whether it was going to a Broadway Show, Time Square, or a concert. My summer was full of new experiences that I felt like I learned so much from. My summer was fully diverse with experiences and people.

The trip as a whole was just wonderful. I tried my best to just try new thing whether it was music, food, or activities.  I felt like I like succeed in my mission, I never had a doll moment. During the trip I felt like I keep getting closer with my cohort members and I am glad that I had other people to share my experiences.

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