Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pizza on the Subway

 This morning during class we went over the Youngstown & Tube Co v. Sawyer case, from which I learned that the President has a limited amount of power to which meant that he cannot just take a steel mill whenever he feels it’s necessary.

At the end of the day I no longer felt lost in class and when my classmates would speak it all started to make sense. I have a feeling that it will all be better from now on because I know what the expectation on this class is. By the end of the day I connected all the cases and how they all set precedence to what a president could hold authority over and what his power where limited.

During lunch I would like to think that I was serenaded by Mark and Alyanna somehow they found a piano and they both began playing wile I re-ready some cases before class started again. It felt like a moment out of a movie; I just enjoyed watching them playing an instrument that translated in calming music. By the time I had to return back to class I felt prepared.

I set small goals for myself today and I made a to-do list that for the most part was either stared or done. I small victory was doing my laundry and cleaning my room, and I started writing my room description along with my reading.

I went with Alyanna and Deborah to SOHO in downtown New York. It was nice taking a break and at the end of the trip I was no longer feeling overwhelmed. It was a real adventure traveling downtown with a plate of food, if you were wondering; yes I ate pizza on the subway.  The more I think of it might have not been my best plan since I saw a huge rat that scared me to the point of a small scream.
Yes! that was the rat that scared me.
 I had to rush back to campus to meet up with my suit since they wanted to bond and go to a bakery together. We took the subway down to 50th street and walked to Magnolia Bakery on 69th street. I ordered a caramel pecan cheese cake (it tasted so good). I set down with my suitemates, who talked about how famous people’s kids have it so easy and how they are just handed thing without having to work for anything. I talked to my suitemates about how their classes where going and they all just said they were enjoying the challenge of their courses and how they had a lot of homework. I could relate to how they were feeling in their classes.

When I arrived back to my dorm room I talked to Dianna my roommate who is originally from Sweden about how she sleep talks. She was embarrassed to hear that she was taking in her sleep. I reassured her that she was not telling me anything of importance in her sleep to which we both just laughed about.

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