Monday, July 6, 2015

The Power of Self-expression

My class stated with going over two court cases Schenck v. US and Abrams v. US. In both cases, we focused on how the Justice chose to manipulate facts to make their argument stronger. I learned about the importance of facts in a case and just how the smallest fact can change the outcome of case. I can compare this class to what I have been learning in my high school mock trial team "however" this class went more in-depth in the process. I feel like by the time this class is over I will have more to offer my mock trial team in terms of teaching them how to make a deeper connection with the facts and the options of a case.
For lunch, I had to rushed over to Times Square in order to list my Yankee ticket on sale since I could no longer attend the game on Wednesday. I was proud at how productive I was during my lunch; I found time to go check my AP scores and re-read my assignment with enough time to reply to emails and still managed to put my clothes in the washer. Today’s lunch time made me feel like I could move just as fast as this city even if it’s only for a short time.  
For the second session tion we went over Masses Publishing Co. Patten which further proved the power of speech and symbolism. We then watched a film that made fun of Fox news trying to stop a book release of Bill O”Reilly face in a book cover with the word liar. The documentary spoke to the power of free speech.
After class, I had to place my clothes back in the washer for a second time since something was wrong with the machine. I still had time to go back up to my dorm and change before I had to meet up with a group of students going to Times Square, Grand Central Station, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller. You would think I would get tiered of going to time square however I whenever I am there I just feel the magic of the fast moving city.  Grand Central Station was lot smaller than I expected but then again the only times I had seen it was a smaller TV monitor.
The walk through St. Patrick reminded me of San Francisco’s Cathedral's architecture.

I made a new friend that was really nice; I enjoy shopping in Time Square with her and hearing about the similarities in our lives. Dvita currently lives in the Middle East, but she was born in India. She was an interesting character with a strong personality that I was glad I have meet today. She shared her viewed about the U.S. and told me about how she felt safe to be herself and were she had the freedom to of self-expression, something as small as just being able to wear shorts. Today’s class reminded me of my class discussion when the teacher opened a discussion about the lack of the first amendment right or the lack of the right in the rest of the world and how that she just learned to freedom of self-expression. The discussion made thankful to have the right to free speech. This class is starting to make me think about my rights and their enormous values in my society. 

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  1. I often think we learn the most from meeting new people from other places! It gives us a whole new perspective.