Monday, July 6, 2015

Going Back to the Books

I started off my glorious Sunday morning with a little fun run with my fellow cohort member, Alyanna. We ran off campus and towards Central Park. After some short races and a few sprints, we jogged it back towards Columbia where we freshened up and got some breakfast at the closest boba store.

We met up with Ms.Thrift and Deborah at the Lucerne with Izabel shortly following suite. Once we were all united, we left the comfort of the air conditioned hotel lobby and walked out into the unforgiving east coast heat to the National History Museum.

We spent the whole day at the National History Museum examining the many different exhibits they had to offer. Each exhibit had it's own unique style that added to the museum's liveliness and variety. What I loved most about each exhibit was the fact that each exhibit had its own story to tell. Whether it being a collection of humanity's early beginnings or the environment that surrounded the mammals of Africa, each exhibit had a personal adventure to share. All of the animals in each biome were all articulated with so much detail, making one believe the slightest possibility of the animal coming to life. In addition to beautifully articulated animals, the painted backgrounds in each section possessed the capability to fully immerse the spectator in any environment.
Alaskan Moose 
Not only did we have the chance to see some awesome taxidermied animals, we were also able to indulge in the museum's planetarium show about our ever expanding universe. The presentation was highly informative as it provided information on the expanding universe and the evolution of planet Earth. And one of the best parts in my opinion, was that it was narrated by Neil Degrasse Tyson, the center piece when it comes to greatly voiced astrophysicists.

We finished off our day at Strawberry Fields just sitting around and enjoying the blissful environment that surrounded John Lennon's memorial. After some quick debate, we decided it would be best to call it a day early and head back to our dorms to study and prepare for the coming week.

This Independence Day weekend has been the best in my life so far. Most importantly, it's been the most refreshing. After a week of non stop studying and reading, it's been great to kick back and forget about all the stresses of school. Now that the fun and games are over, it's time to put down the beach towels and take off the flip flops and hit the books once again.
94 feet long and 21,000 pounds of fiberglass turned into something beautiful.

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