Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week One, Finally Done!

                                                Just wanted to start off the blog with some much needed humor.
Almost all of my classmates shared one thing in common today: we had all gone to bed at an unreasonable hour just to study for today's upcoming quiz or either staying up all night briefing six cases. Michelle did a quick review of Gibbons V. Ogden and gave the class the our assignment of splitting up into four different groups and case presentations. My group was assigned the notorious Nixon V United States case. This case regards former American President Richard Nixon's involvement in the Watergate break in that occurred on June 17, 1972. All groups were tasked with formulating presentations within a 45 minute time range whether it be through PowerPoint, or through other means. We had all delegated different slides and explanations to each person in a completely plain but informative PowerPoint.

During the presentation period of class, my group all sat with pleasure and content as we watched each miserable face go to the front of the class and present their case to the class. Students did many informative presentations that were extremely hilarious as well. Students would add connotations and pictures that suggested extreme American patriotism along with the phrase,"MURICA!"

Entrance to the Disney Store
My group was fortunate enough to go last during the afternoon session. Once we were all at the front of the class however, the class still continued talking and showed complete disregard. I soon made my way to center stage and in my most enthusiastic tone said, "Good afternoon America's finest!" The class soon caged their attention on me. The classroom did not fall into silence like how I wanted, but instead the audience remained captivated with this sudden burst of enthusiasm. Now that I had the control over the audience, I was able to give a short intro to me and my team and then give background information on the case. After which, I handed the floor to the rest of my group who explained the Court's rulings and legal reasoning of the Court.
Once class was over, I met up with my cohort in the afternoon and decided to celebrate finishing our first week in Columbia with another trip to Times Square. We went to many small family owned gift shops, the Disney Store, and finished it up with a trip to Guitar Center. 

It's hard to believe that week one is finally over. For me, this week mostly served as an assimilation week. Throughout the week I learned, adjusted, and prevailed. Now that I fully understand the usual system and learned a few tricks up my sleeve, I know for sure that next week is going to be...interesting.
Columbia's campus on a foggy day.

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