Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Looking Out the Window

I stared off my morning by waking up late. I received a text message from Joyce that woke me up. I had to rush to put on some clothes and place my hair in a ponytail. I felt bad being about 15 minutes late when I arrived to our meeting place. Talking with Joyce is always a nice time to reflect on what's been going on. Since it was too late to eat breakfast I had no other options but to eat an apple that I kept in my room for when I get hungry.

 By the time I reached my class room I was happy that my crazy morning did not affect me arriving on time. For the first time in my con law class we actually finished all our case briefs during the morning session, in all cases we went over the limitations of free speech. So to cut it short our free speech is not protected if we cause or create a threat to this nation national security.
During lunch I went on a fast campus tour of Barnard the all-girls college across the street. I learned that if you go to Barnard you can take classes at Columbia, which gave me something to think about, if I can't get in to Columbia I could apply to Barnard as a backup. The campus was cute and small; it gave that feeling like you were no longer in the city since I was a closed campus.  If you want a small close nit college Barnard might be a good option.
Yes!someone is doing a hand stand

During my afternoon class we watched "The Most Dangerous Man on Earth.” The movie was about the release of classified government documents by the newspapers. The movie gave me a good visual of this morning lesson. It was ironic that the newspapers were able to publish the classified documents after all since it was the freedom of the press to inform the public since there was no actual threat if the classified documents came out.
After dinner my cohort and I went to go see a Yankees game.  It was ironic that they were playing the Oakland A’s -- a Bay Area team. The stadium was great compared to other baseball stadiums I have been to. The game was nice to attend; I could feel the pride of the die-hard fans around me.
I wanted to put a picture up of my nightly view of the campus. Sometimes I stay up looking outside of the window at strangers walking around at odd times of the night. It all reminds me of how the city never sleeps. I use this time to also think about the plans I might what to make happen when I get back home, It was nice that I have the opportunity to spend three weeks looking out of that window with a close view of a promising school and city in the background. This all leads back to my plan of tying to help other people from my community reach the opportunity to look figuratively of the same window one day. Many students in my school did not know about privet colleges like Columbia and most people I told about my summer plans didn’t even know where the school was located. I had no problem telling them about the program and school I was planning to attend for the summer, now I will have more to inform talk about when I return. One of my goals this upcoming school year is to inform students in my school about colleges they have never heard of like Barnard who has strong connections to Columbia. It’s nice to be informed about other options that otherwise you would have never considered. I had that information know it’s time for me to pass on the knowledge.


  1. Nice photos, Izabel. It;s nice to see photos taken with a camera instead of a cell phone.

    Sorry to hear about the oversleeping. We can talk about that when you get home.

  2. I really like the way you search out different opportunities to see more campuses. I can tell you are taking the selection of a college seriously and that is impressive. I know you were the one to get the rest of the cohort to Yale this weekend and to get yourself to Princeton instead of seeing NYU again. That shows such forethought and leadership! I'm so proud of you.