Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Crunch Time

With only two days left in class, the time has come to go on overdrive. I still have a six pages essay to do, study for a quiz, and prepare for a debate. I know that it may sound like a lot and it is, but I know I will be just fine. I am going to miss my class, I was finally feeling like I was doing better and now it the end of the course.  I hate saying good bye and I feel like that might just be the biggest thing that I do not look forward to.

This the morning in class we went over my favorite Amendment, the Fourth Amendment. You might be asking yourself why it is my favorite. Well to answer your question it just happens to be the one that I know the most about. It also the Amendment I use in Mock Trial. As our homework we had to read six cases they were Chimel v. California, Arizona v. Hicks, Olmstead v. US, Katz v. US, California v. Ciraolo, and Kyllo v. US. The teacher had us go over all the cases in small groups, and then had us go up in front of the class and present to the rest of the students the cases we were given at random. I think my group did well; we were straight to the point.

During lunch I decided to get a head start on my essay. So far I have an outline and did research online. For the afternoon session the class was put into different groups and given a topic to prepare a debate on. I am happy with my group and I think we are going to do great since we seem to work so well.  
After class I spent time bonding with Mark, we went to the barbershop since he needed a haircut. When I first found out that there was a boy in my cohort I was so excited to be able to have a different experience than last year. I was nice to be able to bond over a haircut, since we both care about our hair it was one more thing we had in common.

When I arrived back to my dorm my suite wanted to bond over ice cream and play a game to get to know each other better. I am going to miss the late night laughing sessions that I had with people in my suite. This summer is truly, my motivation to do well senior year in order to get to this place next year when my time comes to be a college student.

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