Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Big Elephant in the Room

I decided to go with Deborah to church this morning, I'm always open to trying out new thing. We went to a Baptist church on 83rd and Amsterdam. The service was short and to the point, I strongly enjoyed when the whole church began to sing in unison almost reaching in harmony, which was my favorite part. Although I did not agree with what the pastor was preaching I am still glad that I had the opportunity experienced that for own self. 
Since the service ended early I had time to get a manicure and pedicure next door to the church. I was glad that I found time to take care of myself by treating myself to much need relaxation. With my finger nails still wet and tissue still around my toes I rushed over to Joyce's hotel a few blocks away to meet up with my cohort.
We walked a few blokes to the American Museum of Natural History. The museum was huge but we were delighted to see the enormous wale that hung from the sealing. The amount of taxidermy seemed endless with different species. In one exhibit, the human species was being traced back to our ancestors the Neanderthals. That was just so interesting to conceptualize human evolution. In the crystal exhibit I did a little future shopping, I chose my future wedding ring, a 14 carat emerald cut diamond (I am not serious).
The entire mineral exhibit reminded me of all of the beauty that lies on this astonishing planet, earth. It was nice to have had the option to see the dinosaur and comparing them to other dinosaurs that lived during the same period.
At around 2 PM we saw an astronomy show that projected from the entire ceiling, the seats moved and the whole show it seemed to be in 3-D.  After the museum closed we left to take a walk inside of central park. After sitting near the John Lennon memorial I took a picture with his memorial at Strawberry Field.
We decided to call it an early night, we order a pizza and also wanted to study for tomorrow. Today was a calm day with a lot of information yet to be processed. I was glad it was calm today and now I have the energy for this full week. 

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