Thursday, July 9, 2015

Key Points

You would think waking up early would be extremely difficult since I arrived back to my dorm so late last night. However, that was not the case, I had no problem waking up and going to meet up with Joyce this morning. Alyanna was not feeling well so she did not join us in the morning, but don’t worry too much she went to the health services during lunch and picked up medicine.

In the morning session of the class we went over New York Times v. Sullivan, Cox Broadcasting Corp. v. Cohn, and New York Times v. US. All the cases focused on the First Amendment, specifically the freedom of the press and went in-depth on their limitation. The class reading was interesting to me since I learned so much about what the press was free to publish about the government officials and regular people.
During lunch I took advantage of the opportunity to sit down and listen to one of the admissions officers form Columbia percent an information session about the admissions process and talk about the college in the auditorium. It’s a good thing I had pen and a note pad to write down important information. The following if a list of key bullet points that I made that I found to be most interesting:
·      They accept the common app
·       Offer study abroad
·      Great diversity
·       Need blind(They don’t check to see if you need financial aid during the application process)
·       They meet 100% of your financial need
·       They use a holistic review application to look for eligibility
         They have a unique curriculum (Core classes are taught in a seminar style)

For the second half of class, we paired up in to teams of four or five in order to plan out a debate for tomorrow. The topic is a made up case that we have to defend using the information and cases we have learned in class. My team was made up of five team members, my role in the team is to make the augments for our cases tomorrow. I am a little nervous I don’t want to mess up.

After class our professor Michelle Chun sat down with Alyanna, Mark, and I; to get to know more about out the kids that where blogging about her every night. We talked to her about the ILC and what our program does for students in our community. It meant a lot to know that she cared enough to take time out of her busy day just to talk to us ILC’ers. She also offered to help us if we need help in class or just motivation in the future. She likes to think that we are all going to do amazing things with our lives and wants to keep in touch.
Some of my suite members and went out to dinner at Eataly to bond over delicious food. I enjoy spending time with my suite when everyone is together; there’s something about all the loud laughing and talking about random stuff is one of the things I will miss about my summer in Columbia but I hope to experience again when I go to college. When we went to dinner everything that could go wrong did go wrong, first we could not get a table, second we could not catch a cab, and lastly it started raining. It was interesting making the best out of the situation, I was glad to make one more funny memory.

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