Saturday, July 11, 2015

Princeton Up-close

Last night in my blog I talked about how I did some of the girls in my suite’s make up. I now have proof of my hard work, I thought you might like to see how my masterpieces turned out.
My trip to Princeton went great! I started my morning by waking up early enough to take my time to get ready. I walked to Absolute Bagel a small shop near the campus, the bagels there where good, and the jalapeno cream cheese made my bagel stand out in flavor. On my walk back to campus I made a pit stop at Starbucks for my green tea fix.
During my trip I made a new friend that from China named Cindia . She was very open when talking to me about her experience living in a different county. She talked about how she wanted to go to school in California which meant I could talk her ear off of all the information I have from my home state. Among other subjects we talked about the types of limitations the government has set in her county to which I compared her response to my class discussion on the First Amendment and how not everyone has the right to talk freely about their government in the same way the America people can. While talking with her I began to appreciate my rights that are protected against the government.

On my train ride to Princeton I had time to re-read “My Beloved World” by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, an alum of the school. It was inspirational to know that when she was in college she worked hard to help to advocate the rights of minority students. That makes me think that I you just work to make the change you want to see happen in your school it can go on to help other future students.
Princeton hands down has the best looking college campus I have ever seen, and let me tell you I have seen a lot. The city is just the cutest thing, you can tell the residence take pride in keeping their community clean and well taken care of. Let me tell you there public library was so nice it looked like a Barns and Nobel’s inside. The campus made the school seem appealing to me I could not stop taking pictures of some of the most beautiful building I have ever seen.


The tour hit all the key points that I want to know about when looking at a colleges, the following is a list I made of important things to be about Princeton.
·         Study Abroad programs  
·         Meet a 100% of financial need
·         Good diversity
·         Just a train ride away from a big city
When I arrived back to New York, I decided to meet up with the rest of my cohort, who were still visiting the 9/11 Memorial. I missed them and I thought it would be a good idea to spend the rest of my Saturday with them. When I arrived Joyce figured it would be a good idea to help us get a little more energy by getting us all ice-cream. The ice-cream helped and by the time we arrived to Chinatown I had the energy to walk around and stop by some of the shops. We had dinner in Chinatown in a very small restaurant that was delicious. After we left the restaurant we walked to Little Italy that was a few blocks away. When we arrived to Little Italy the street was lid up by Christmas lights, the street seemed to be more awake after the sun went down. My day was full of adventure and that just how I like it. 

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