Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Start of a Routine

I woke up at a convenient 9:20 this morning, which felt amazing since I haven't woken up after 9 since my days back in the Bay Area. It really felt like it was going to be a great day. I got my tooth brush and headed to the bathroom, when I heard a loud click and door slam. I ran out of the bathroom to check and see if my worst fear has truly happened. I was locked out of my room. I panicked for a little while, since I didn't have my phone or key and my roommate had already left the building. However, I rested assured after I remembered that the lock-out scouts are going to swing by at 9:30. I was incredibly lucky since this happened at 9:29. What a morning.

I passed by the dining hall to get a quick muffin and water and headed straight to class. Today, we discussed the Youngstown & Tube Co. v. Sawyer, Ex Parte Milligan, and Clinton v. Jones. During our discussion on Youngstown & Tube Co. v. Sawyer debate, I learned that Truman issued the Executive Order 10340, and he took control on the steel mills in order to protect the national defense. The court ruled this as unconstitutional, and said it was not within his presidential power the seize this property. I for one, believe that due to the emergency circumstances, he was left with very little option, and among those limited options he felt that he was making the right one. But I also understand the point of view of the steel owners who felt their possession was just being taken away from them. During the afternoon session, we watched a film that informed us of how the different branches of government are balanced. This really helped me to connect everything we had learned in the session today.

Later on in the day, I did laundry with my cohort members Izabel and Mark. Truth be told it was my first time to do laundry without the aid of my parents. Sorting though all of our garments was such a tedious task; I am so much more appreciative of what my grandmother and father endure every week.

Afterwards, I attended a dorm bonding activity which included cookies, however; I was not from the dorm and was only there for the cookies. They welcomed me though, and I got to spend about 15 minutes playing various bonding games and meeting international people.

I returned back to my dorm room and freshened up to study and go to bed. I am looking forward to tomorrow's discussion in class and to contribute my personal opinions on the cases we are learning.

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