Friday, July 17, 2015

This Is Not Good Bye

For the morning session we had our final debate in class. I think my group did well in our presentation, I was happy with the way we dealt with the cases. After the debate we watched a movie called “My Cousin Vinny” it was funny

During lunch Alyanna, Mark, and I went across the street to the grocery store. Our class was going to have potluck during the second session. We had time to go to the college store to pick up last minute gifts.  

The second session was spent outside in a picnic style. I had so much fun talking to the other students in my class about college and comparing our high schools. I was sad to say good bye to my class I felt like I have learned so much from them.

Right after class we headed to the Met to meet up with Joyce. I just love the dress exhibit they had amazing gowns on display.

We walked back to the college through Central Park, on our walk we passed by swings. We asked Joyce if we could stop and get on.   
It was funny that we made a new friend on the last day of the program. Bryan was a cool person who was friendly. 

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