Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tyrannosaurus Rest

Last night, I was extremely eager to fall asleep since I knew I didn't have to wake up until 9. However, it seems that my body won't allow me to get more than seven hours these days, since I woke up at 6 for no reason at all. But on the positive side, I got a rather delightful view of the sunrise from my dorm!
My view of the campus at 6 AM.
After 2 hours of attempting fall asleep again, I eventually gave up and attempted to be productive with my time. I reviewed some of my Con-Law cases from last week, and watched a few educational Crash Course YouTube videos. At 9, I met up with my cohort member Mark and we took a jog around Central Park for about 30 minutes. Central Park is definitely going at the top of my list for the best places to take a jog (then again, I don't really go out and jog anywhere, so there wasn't much competition). 
Selfie at Central Park
Looking at my inner-workings
After heading back to campus and freshening up a bit, we took the Subway to Ms. Thrift's hotel. Our first stop for today was the Natural History Museum, a museum full of wonder, rocks, and stuffed animals. Well, stuffed as in taxidermy stuffed, disparate to the soft teddy-bear connotation of stuffed animal. Out of the numerous exhibits in the museum, my favorite would have to be the mineral exhibit. There were so many beautiful rocks and stones, and we even got to touch them and feel their textures! Another highlight was probably the giant whale, and come on, it's a GIANT WHALE, need I say more? My cohort also enjoyed seeing the dinosaur fossils and learning about the different species. We also reverted back to our toddler years for a short while, as we spent 10 minutes in the gift shop playing with claw toys and squishy water things. For lunch, we ate at the museum's food court, and we enjoyed simple and delicious meals such as chicken tenders and salad. Overall, our experience in the exhibit was an amusing one, and I felt it was unlike any other museum I had ever seen before.
One of the nice rocks

We went out of the museum and took a quick visit to Central Park and saw the John Lennon memorial. There was a guitarist singing various Beatles songs, and there were flowers surrounding the memorial. After about 15 minutes of just resting, we realized that it would be best to return to Columbia to take a break from the busy day, and get a head-start on our homework. We bid Ms. Thrift goodbye and took the subway back to 116th.

My cohort and I decided it wold be best to have another "blog party" in Furnald and do our work together. Graciously enough, Izabel went to pick us up a pizza, frozen yogurt, and some beverages, and we ate our dinner in the Furnald lobby. I feel pretty tired from today, but tomorrow marks the official commencement of the second week of our lives as students in Columbia University.
The giant whale

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  1. I'm impressed with the whale picture considering how dark it was in the exhibit! Great work!