Friday, July 17, 2015

Uncharted Waters

Quotes from Mr. Hamilton
I woke up scared that I had fallen asleep for too long but at least I remembered the cohort's meet-up. In fact, I was one of the first to be at the rendezvous. 

The morning class was spent talking about stocks and shares and how a company could make different decisions to change these values. We covered topics like how patents affected a company's book value vs. market value and why treasury stock or wholesale stock buying of one's own company would be a good idea. 

After the morning class I had just enough time to get lunch from the cafeteria with a few friends before leaving for the Museum of American Finance on Wall Street. It was quite the trek and our travel time alone felt like 45 minutes. Once inside, we split up into our different classes, since another afternoon class came with us also, and we took turns looking at the Alexander Hamilton room and the "Money Room." As a big fan of Alexander Hamilton from AP United States History, it was interesting to hear more about his life's work from the context of the museum, with an emphasis on his achievements in monetary structural development meant to help the government such as the creation of national debt. Another thing I thought was fascinating was a continuously flipping counter for the United State's national debt. (Currently it's at about 18 trillion dollars and rapidly rising.) 

Immediately after getting back from the museum I jumped right back and went straight down to the Museum of Modern Art, for a second time, with Izabel and Alyanna. I was able to look at the floor that I didn't have a chance to check out the previous time and also look at the wonderful store on the first floor. It was especially nice that the museum closed at 8 because we didn't feel rushed on our way out and we took our time looking around. 

We ended the day on a high with cookies from a local Insomnia and pizza from "Saba's Pizza" - part sentimentality, part curiosity. Both hit the spot and were scrumptious. Returning back to my dorm I couldn't help but feel a slight pang in my heart for the city I had come to (attempt to) familiarize myself with in three weeks. When would I be able to come back? When would I be able to see some of the friends that I made? Would I be able to?

Ten years from now, maybe I'll be living in the city. (Probably not.) But that's the best part. No one knows. The waters remain uncharted, ready to be explored. And so while I did sail in uncharted waters three weeks ago, desperately paddling and trying to stay afloat, I feel better now, more comfortable, like a captain looking out at sea, new map in hand with notes scribbled furiously on the surrounding area, ready to take the world by storm once more.

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  1. Did you love Saba's pizza? I ate there several times. Nice you all were so close to my hotel!