Thursday, July 16, 2015

Coming Down the Homestretch

It's late right now - very late. But I figure, why not get the full college experience, right? I was busy finishing up an essay we were assigned in class, a very complicated and yet uncomplicated paper. The assignment was to pick a small company and then research their financials and analyze them in the context of industry. The only thing was, it was extremely difficult to find financials for small niche markets and companies and so I ended up having to pick a bigger company than I had hoped. This complication by itself, was enough to delay me long enough until I could feel the steam bursting out of my ears and the weird Joker laughter start to take over. Luckily, I finished the essay in time to keep my frustrations at bay.

Professor Mesznik discussed the idea of inventory and how it is separated into three parts: raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods. obviously you'd like to have as many finished goods as you bought materials for, and so, there must be a balance and an inventory to check and make sure that everything is accounted for. He also expounded on different types of assets and liabilities. He mentioned that, typically, assets are named in order of liquidity, or how fast something can be transferred into cash. Clearly, the first thing on this list was cash since cash is already cash. On the other hand, a long term asset like Property, Plant, and Equipment would be lower on the list.

I ate lunch with Tiara again as she "forgot" to eat her breakfast. We had planned on going to Five Guys but it was "closed temporarily due to construction." Determined to get our burger fix elsewhere, (because who doesn't like burgers?) we took the metro and walked to the famous and ever-popular "Shake Shack," which I enjoyed immensely. A good burger and fitted with a shake and an even better friend is always lovely. In the afternoon, Ms. Santos went over rate returns and how to calculate them in simpler ways. However, somewhere in the lesson, many of us got confused. I know I got confused for sure because I saw the use of matrices in a method she was showing us, and since I've never learned matrices, it was a bit hard to follow. 

Also, it's official! We get to go on the field trip for the afternoon session tomorrow! I'm definitely looking forward to it

Anyways, now I definitely feel like everything is ending way too soon. I feel as though, it is only now when I'm starting to know my friends even better - in the last minute stress and pressure of the class workload and the crazy deliriousness of late night adventures. At the same time, I know that I've made good friends, ones that I'll most definitely keep in touch with after this course, people that I didn't think I'd be good friends with. And perhaps there's I didn't make as many as I thought that I would but you know what they say: quality over quantity. 

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