Thursday, July 2, 2015

From Rat to Mouse

In class today, we were placed in into groups to brief the rest of the class on one of the assigned reading cases. My group had to present CLINTON v. CITY OF NEW YORK -which stated that a presided could either veto or sing into law a bill but he cannot chose to modify the bill because that is going outside of his executive powers. It all goes back to the separation of powers that states that the only group that can make laws is the legislative branch.
Yankee tickets under my hand 
During the second session we had a quiz in class, I think I did well. After the quiz we played Jeopardy. I was funny to see how into it the people became. It was nice working with new team members from the class. After class I stopped by the mail room to gather my Yankee ticket I had ordered, I enjoy going to sporting events.

After dinner my cohort chose to go to Time Square for some final gift shopping. When I arrived back to my dorm I had a nice two hour conversation with my roommate over random subjects likes school, friends, and travel. I really enjoyed talking to her and I didn’t mind starting my blog kind of late it was worth getting to know her better. She mentioned that she was excited to have a roommate who spoke Spanish because that’s what she wrote about in her application essay for Columbia.  The way she talked about her life made me reflect on my own life and made me re-evaluate my priorities. The more time I spend way from home the more I think about what is important to me and I also start to think about the type of change I want to make when I return. I am starting to see my time here as a defining moment where I can figure what I want for myself.
Inside Guitar Center 

 This week began with challenge that I am overcoming, at first I was struggling to keep up with the other students and I am now feeling better in my class and in no time with hard work I will be in the same place as my classmates.  On a side note while I was writing this blog in my suit’s living room I was scared by a mouse that was running around and as a result I am finding it hard to go sleep. Last night I had a nightmare from the large rat I saw on the Subway, I think it might be a long night.

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