Thursday, July 2, 2015

What is...Constitutional Jeopardy?

Today's morning was pretty much identical to yesterday's. Wake up, go to breakfast head to class. One difference about today though is that I felt much more acquainted with my surroundings; I only got lost 3 times today instead of the typical 6--baby steps!

In class today, my teacher had my class organize ourselves into groups, and make a presentation on 6 of the cases that we had for reading last night. Hearing cases like Gibbons v. Ogden being explained by a fellow classmate helped me to truly develop a firm understanding on the cases. In the afternoon session, my teacher had us play Constitutional Jeopardy, basically a Con-Law modified version of Jeopardy. The class was split into three different teams, and I felt through this "team" system I was able to unite with a group of people I had never talked to before. In between questions, I became involved in a debate on if the term "So-Flo" was actually used by people around the world. The questions in the Jeopardy game really made me think about the cases in a different way and truly analyze them for what they are.
The struggles of Con-Law

After class, I returned to my dorm and took a bit of a break from the outside world. At around 5:30, I met up with Izabel, Mark, and Deborah, and we got some dinner and took a quick trip to Times Square for some souvenirs. I feel that I am really becoming accustomed to taking the subway now.

On the way home, we stopped for a quick yogurt-fix from Pinkberry, and walked back to our dorm buildings and called it a night. When I arrived, my RA had Insomnia Cookies out in the lobby for our suite bonding. After indulging three (maybe four or five...I forget) cookies, I headed back to my room, took a shower, and relaxed.
My wonderful cohort member Mark in what is apparently a "comfortable" sitting position
Since my roommate is off with friends in the Hampton, I have the entire double-bed dorm to myself. I thought I'd be lonely, but honestly I'm enjoying it. I don't have to worry about talking on the phone too loudly or keeping the lights on too late; for the next two nights, I can pretty much do whatever I want without having to take another person into consideration. I partly miss having her here, but this whole concept of independence is rather appealing to me. This isn't something I'd want to feel every day, as human interaction is a blessing, but a little quiet time to yourself is good too.

I am super excited to go to sleep tonight, for tomorrow morning brings exciting adventures with Ms. Thrift and the gang. New York get ready for us!

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