Friday, July 3, 2015

Modern Art and Extending Bellies

I awoke this morning with invigorating energy since I was finally able to sleep for a good amount of time. I met up with my cohort thirty minutes later and we took the subway to Ms. Thrift's hotel where we met up in an almost too familiar hotel lobby. For one of the first times in a long time, we were all reunited as a cohort without the bombardment of school work.

We celebrated by eating at the Nice Matin once again for breakfast!
This time we ordered more different and intricate foods and trust me, the Nice Matin never disappoints. Today I ordered a California Omelet filled with spinach, cream cheese, and avocado. I had honestly expected the omelet to be nothing compared to the lamb sausage I ordered last time, but this omelet was able to annihilate my taste buds and send their innocent souls straight to the gates of Heaven. HALLELUJAH! 

After about an hour and a half of eating and chatting, we took separate taxis to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Luckily, being a Columbia Lion for a few weeks has its perks. We were all able to get into the museum for free since our Columbia student IDs allows us to go to any museum in NYC for free!
Look familiar?
We first headed up to the second floor where we were given a nice warm welcome from famous works of art and spectacular sculptures.

Van Gogh's self portrait
Facial hair can speak volumes.

Why the long...face?
The original GW.
The most astounding exhibit in the MET was the American Exhibit. The American Exhibit exudes a great sense of pride in American history. In this exhibit, the spectator is able to witness different aspects of American history and design by walking through different room models decorated appropriately to the different time periods. Spectators are able to be apart of any part of American history for just a few minutes as the different furniture and room layout completely immerse the spectator in the given time period. It truly is captivating how small things like a wooden chairs and a fireplace can send you back through time to the Civil War era. You can see the close detail articulated into each chair, lamp, piano, bed frame, and table that can really amaze anyone paying close attention. For example, one might be able to see different flowers and dragons pop out of a table peg and appear to be crawling up to the table's surface.

Anyone wanna duel? Andrew Jackson does.
Another grand spectacle of the MET is the Armor Exhibit. In this exhibit, the MET showcases medieval armor and weapons from all international aspects. There was the armor and swords of the medieval knights, the Japanese samurai, and even Arabian warriors. Aside from showing off the swords and helmets off the past, the MET also showcased guns, a lot of guns. The exhibit was filled with not just muskets of the 16th Century but also with the revolvers and pistols of modern times.

We decided to end an exhausting day by eating at a wonderful Italian restaurant called Serafina. I could already tell that the food would be amazing since we had to walk quite a bit up the stairs just to find a decent area to sit. We were seated on a rooftop enclosed by a huge canopy. I ordered myself a grilled chicken salad which turned out to be way more chicken than actual salad while the rest of the gang got pizza. At the end of our main course we decided to do what no cohort has done before. We all ordered a grand total of a whopping six desserts which included a number of cakes and a few chocolates. How did I feel after this? Guilty. But was it good though? You bet my newly risen cholesterol levels it was!
Good Lord...

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  1. I'm so happy to hear to liked the American exhibit, but it makes me sad to think we did't get to go through so much of it because they closed that section while we were only half way done! Another reason to get back to NYC asap!