Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trip to Yale!

This morning was a little blurry since I had to wake up at 5:30 AM so get ready for my trip. The train ride to New Haven was a little long so I took advantage to catch up on sleep. When I was taking the train ride back to the campus I began to talk to an older lady who reminded me of my mom which I thought was funny. For me that was a reminder to Face Time my family.
The college tour answered all of my questions I had and the college. When we arrive to Yale I was so excited to finally see what the big deal was about. I was not disappointed by the natural beauty on the college campus.  The feel was nice and I was slightly reminded of Brown University. As usual I took notes of interesting information about the college, the following is the list I have made:
·         Study Abroad programs 
·         Meet a 100% of financial need
·         Good diversity
·         Just a train ride away from a big city
·         90% of the students stay campus all four years

The college was an open campus with beautiful buildings that allowed you to travel back in time to the time the original where being built. When I arrived back to campus I went out with Alyana to go eat dinner form a nice Korean restaurant that was located right down the street from the campus. I liked having one on one time with each of my cohort members because it gives time to me to learn something new each time. The food was so good that I was having a hard time getting up after eating. Spending quality time with each member of my cohort is important to me in forded to build Strong friendships, in my ILC cohort members. The train ride gave me time to do my homework and a book. I was happy by today’s trip.

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