Saturday, July 4, 2015

One Hot-dog Please

My morning began with doing Alyanna’s makeup, I was nice to have one on one time with her and have bonding time.  We had a long subway ride to Coney Island, it gave me time to let Joyce know I little bit more about myself. When we arrived it was about an hour before the male hot dog eating contest was to start.  I was astonished by how fast the contestants could eat a hot dog so fast. The winner ate 62 hotdogs in 10 minutes. By winning he became the new champion.
For brunch we found a nearby restaurant to grab a quick bit, when we left it started raining. We decided to go to a freak side show to keep us out the rain. The show was not a disappointment, my favorite part was the fire breathing lady. For being a freak show it was full of humor which I enjoyed.
After passing by the scary rides we chose to go to the beech were we stayed for about five hours. It was so much fun and also refreshing playing in the sand.
 For our late lunch we had you guessed right, a hot-dogs, it felt like the appropriate choice. For the fireworks we decided to go back to the city since we believed that we would not make it back on time. However before we left I crossed one more thing of my bucket list, I ate a deep fried Oreo.
We went to down town where we say a great firework show with a packed crowed. This day I reflected in the subway thinking about how I wanted to make an impact on my school. I was given the ultimate experience not once but twice which makes me question to my self is how I should go about sharing my stories about this amazing colleges and cultural change with the beauty of art. This was the best Fourth of July in my life and lucky me spent it with amazing friends.

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  1. This was a great Fourth, but one of my favorite parts was getting to know you better. I think it always helps me as a teacher to get to know students and how they struggle. It's really been an honor that you are so open and warm to me and the rest of the cohort. Thanks so much for that.