Sunday, July 19, 2015

Back To the Bay

I stayed awake all of Friday night going into Saturday morning. You might be asking yourself why? Well I spent my last night talking with the girls in my suite about what they were looking forward to going back home. I also did some of the girl’s makeup for the last time. I will miss the long nights we would all stay up talking about our day. In my suite there was a girl named Zoey who had the biggest personality that I had met on my trip. On the last night I stayed up trying to help her pack up her room. Once the time hit 3 AM I decided it was time for me to start packing. I don’t know how I managed not fall asleep. While I was packing I had a hard time understating how I managed to fit so much into one suitcase.

 After I finished packing I decided to lie down, 20 minutes later I was awaken by Deborah calling me asking if we were still going to meet up early.  With panic I got out of bed very fast a hurried to place my suit cases outside.

My roommate suffers from fatigue so she found it hard to stay awake and say good bye. I managed to wake her up long enough to hug her and kiss her goodbye. I told her I would miss her. I hope that my roommate in college is just like her because she was perfect. First she could fall asleep with the lights on, second she did not keep her side of the room clean which meant that there was no expectation to keep my side clean, and finally she would talk in her sleep which was quite entertaining.
Joyce was waiting for us in the front gate by 7 AM. I asked one of the gate keepers to take a picture of the group in front on the main gate. When we finished taking the picture he stated to talk to us about faith. He gave us a good final speech as our good bye.
When we arrived to JFK international the only thing in my mind was hopping that my suitcases did not go over the 50 pound limit. I got lucky and passed by 2 pounds. I was glad I was TSA approved and did not have to take my shoes off.  We had to wait an hour before our plane boarded we took advantage and ate breakfast. When we finally entered the plain I fell asleep right away. I woke up an hour later only to find out we were still on the tarmac. I slept for most of the flight. I was happy to arrive at SFO until I found out we had to wait even longer on the tarmac. All the waiting just made a long flight even longer.

On our car ride to El Cerrito we talked about are favorite memories of the trip. I found it hard to choose just one. I told my cohort my favorite memory was us sitting in the restaurant in Philadelphia. I was my favorite because we were all together just talking to each other laughing with no worries in the world.  

Don was waiting for us when we arrived to El Cerrito, It was nice seeing a familiar face. Some on the parents were waiting while others were on their way. My cohort said there good bye to each other we even had a group hug. The good bye was not sad because it did not feel like it was going to be the last time we saw each other.

My parents were happy to have me home and I was happy to see my parents. I was feeling sick so I took NyQuil which put me to sleep until the following morning.  My long days travel ended with a good night’s rest.

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