Friday, July 3, 2015

Who Knew Art Was Amazing

Since it was July third we did not have class today. We started our morning going to breakfast with Joyce, we went to our favorite restaurant Nice Matin. It felt like it’s been so much has happen since we were last there on Saturday. We took taxi cabs to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Once there we visited the classical painting section first. I was amazed by how large the museum was and how it was full of paintings that are in the books I read about in school. I feel like I am not doing the museum justice by the way I am describing it, impart to the fact that my mind is still digesting every magnificent thing my eyes saw. I have never been exposed to the art world in the same way that I was introduced today.  To be completely honest I have never appreciated art, that all changed today. While I was walking through the exhibits I stopped to look at a painting that just mesmerized me. I actually felt moved by a painting and in that moment I looked around and I started to look at the art more in depth.

My Favorite 
 While talking to Joyce I came to realize that I was missing out on an important part of evolving art culture. I feel so ashamed to say that I didn’t really know what the Met  was and when I was walking around I didn’t fully understand what I was looking at nor who the talented creators were. I was glad I had Joyce to help me by explain what I was looking at. It also helped that I was listening to the audio guide that went in-depth in to the background information and describes important features.

After about three hours in the museum it was time for a half time break, we went outside to go eat from a food carts. Once we finished lunch we resumed to the Egyptian section of the museum. It was incredible to look at the Egyptian temple that was near the other artifacts like the sarcophagus and jewelry. After walking through the Greece section, Joyce had a marvelous idea to take a break and drink coffee and tea with a snack.  It was just what we need, Joyce told us a story about a time when she was raising her kids wow she had made a really silly mistake once, it cause us to laugh picturing it in our heads. After all the sugar we ate we were ready to take on what I believe to three more section which I was happy to see like the Vincent van Gogh paintings.
For dinner we went to a charming restaurant a few blocks away. For dessert we all decided to order a different desert and then share it with the table. It was one of the most enjoyable moments of the day, all we did was laugh while we enjoy each other company.

The more I am exposed to new things like art the more of well-rounded person I become. Thank you ILC for  an open my eyes and teaching me that there is more out there in the world them just my small city.

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  1. This was my favorite day so far. Don't feel bad about being overwhelmed in the Met. I've been there several times now and I still feel overwhelmed with the scope of human creativity. The art surrounds us in practical things like in furniture or weapons, and it the surreal stuff like the monkey with the mask of a human girls and wig, trapped in the abandon restaurant near the ruined nuclear plant in Japan (wasn't that the strangest, most compelling thing you've ever seen!) That's what's great about the Met--it's all together in one huge wonderful spot!