Friday, July 17, 2015

One. More. Day

This morning went off to a terribly slow start. I forced my legs out of bed and slowly trudged my way towards the showers. After a quick Antarctic shower and a change of clothes I was out the door and walking towards the dining hall for our weekly updates with Ms. Thrift to discuss the itinerary for the looming departure day.

While the rest of the cohort decided to go out and see the Modern Art Museum, I stayed in the comforts of my dorm perfecting both my essay and opening statement. Although as mundane and sad as my experience has been for the day, my afternoon was actually really productive. I was able to do laundry, clean my dorm, and even finish the main arguments to both essays. By the late afternoon's arrival, I had finished everything. Relieved, I sat back, relaxed, and snoozed a bit in my desk chair, a victory nap as I'd call it.

It's been a really rough week filled with overwhelming readings, essay writings, sleepless nights, and some screaming here and there. It's only been three weeks now, but I can proudly state that: I did give my absolute best. I sacrificed sleep and a bit of my social life in order to find success in the classroom. Tomorrow sadly is our last day of class, but that doesn't mean we won't be doing anything. We'll only do nothing once we're finished with our last debate, or should I say, our last chance to rip each others' throats out.

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