Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Couldn't Stop Laughing

I woke up this morning with a big bright smile since I was able to get up early enough to eat breakfast early. I had plenty of time to go to the library and do my class reading while sipping on a cup of green tea. Since I was able to arrive to class early, I had more than enough time to read over important passages in my book. It all paid off when we were placed in groups to review the cases and plan a presentation. My group presented Cohen v. California; the case was about the freedom of expressions. The first amendment protects the freedom of self-expression in public as long it does not violate obscenity statute.

I had some down time during lunch to talk with mother who had some interesting things to talk to me about. I really don't like to talk with my mom because I begging missing her. I made time to talk with my sisters who seemed exited to hear from me, at least I hope she was.

During the second session we had the entire class to start our research for our papers. I'm still considering which court cases I want to write about.  I have narrowed my options to two cases.
At night I went to go see Kevin Hart live at Madison square Garden to see the “What Now Tour”. The show was just an amazing experience to attend. I can’t remember the last time I laughed for so long; the show was about two hours long and ended at one in the morning. By the time the group returned to college we had to walk about 20 blocks to the campus since the subway did not run during that time of the night. By the time I arrive in my dorm it was about 2:15 AM. I still cannot believe of all the opportunities I have encountered this summer thanks to the ILC.

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