Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Would you like an Ethernet Cable With That?

The heart has evolved to adapt to the various needs of our circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems. It can either beat quickly or slowly, depending on the situation. For example, the heart beats slowly when we're laying on the couch, munching on a bag of potato chips. Or, it can beat rapidly, as mine was when I believed I was going to be late for the ILC Orientation meeting today.

I arrived at Pinole Middle school at 5:47 (13 minutes before call time, woo!), and immediately checked off myself and my grandmother on the sign-in sheet. We took our seats, and awaited for Don  Gosney to commence our final meeting.

When the clock struck 6, Don made a general introduction, and introduced Mrs. Kronenberg. She gave us a quick motivational speech that only excited me further about the upcoming trip. Afterwards, she handed the mic to the chaperons and gave each of them the opportunity to introduce themselves and provide a briefing on each of the trips.

Columbia Cohort 2015
Then, Don sent out each cohort into small groups with the chaperons and parents. In my cohort, we were all able to discuss a few key things about the itineraries of our trip and what to pack and what other possible things we could do while in New York City. Even while we were discussing all of these exciting plans and details, I still wasn't able to absorb the fact that I was actually going to New York in 23 days. Maybe it'll hit me on the plane ride there, eh? We were also able to wish our very own chaperon Ms. Thrift a very happy birthday! :)

After about 15 minutes or so, we were sent back into the main room. Don told us about every single item that we might need during our time back East--and I mean everything! Laundry bags, Ethernet cables, USB desk fans, you name it! I thought it was pretty amazing to see how much thought has been put into what items we might need on our trips. 

Hercules ILCers in Hawaiian Gear with Don
Afterwards, Don adjourned the last meeting, and it was time for picture-taking with my fellow Herculeans and the great Don Gosney. I had been informed of the Hercules tradition to wear a Hawaiian shirt on the day of the orientation, as a token of appreciation to the heart-and-soul of the Ivy League Connection. I think it is a really sweet gesture unique to Hercules, and I am truly ecstatic to carry on this tradition for the next generation. 

After all of the meetings, tutorials, high heels, and fancy blazers, this was finally the last roadblock to our trip. I can finally say that I am, without a doubt, a member of the Ivy League Connection. All that's left to do now is to count down the days to June 24th. 
"Ninja Pose" with our beloved drama teacher Ms. Thrift

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  1. Thanks for the Birthday wishes! It was great being with all of you. I can't wait for us to go!