Saturday, June 27, 2015

Trust Building

On our train ride to New York I made a strong bond with my cohort member Mark. He trusted me with a pair of tweezers to pluck his eyebrows. You might be questioning why I chose to write about the train ride bit I felt it was important to show an example of how this cohort is becoming closer every day.
For lunch we went to Nice Matin located adjacent to the hotel where I had a delicious grilled chicken with kale salad, the restaurant was amazingly good.  Since I had leftovers I decided to pack it up and give it to a homeless person, on our way to Central Park I found a homeless man approaching a trash can looking for food, he gladly accepted my offer. At that moment I felt like I was accomplishing the goal of this program which is to give back. I was put in a blessed position to be able to give back in that moment in the same way that I will share the information about the colleges I visited with the students in my school who don’t have the same opportunities.
The walk thou Central Park reminded me that even in the most hectic cities in the world you can always find a little peace no matter where you are. During the walk it began to rain but that did not stop us from walking all the way to Times Square. Times Square was just as fun as the park, we had a little time to go shopping to two stores, and once we were done we took the subway to 79th street back to the hotel. For dinner we went to a sushi restaurant that was incredible. Tomorrow we check into Columbia and I am excited to start class.


  1. What we needed to see was the before and after photos of the tweezing. I would have paid money to see those photos. And I’d pay an extra buck or two to see a picture of you doing the tweezing.

  2. Don, I think those photos are available!

    1. I want to see those pictures as well. Knowing Mark, he wouldn't allow anything girlie be done to him. By the way, shall I call Major Sideno about his trimmed eyebrows. Lol.