Monday, June 1, 2015

24 Days Left

Being a part of the ILC means that there are mandatory events. The day has finally arrived, the ILC’ers had our orientation. The event stared at Pinole Middle School, I arrived about 15 minutes early and promptly checked my mother in and in the process I forgot to check that I had to check in as well. Don noticed right away and brought the problem to my attention the fact that I had not yet check in. The meeting began with Don introducing the founders of the ILC and the former ILC’ers.
Nice smile Saba
We brock up into small groups separated by the schools we would be attending. In my cohort we discussed the rough itinerary followed by an O&A where some of the parents asked Joyce Questions. Joyce did a good job trying to answer questions. In our class we had one of the former ILC’ers who attended Columbia’s Con Law courses she talked about the dorms and the dining halls and what we could expect from the both.
It was dress like Don day
I wanted to wish Joyce a happy birthday today that chose to spend her special day with us.
The meeting allowed us to set up a formal meet and greet that will happen this Thursday. Joyce had also asked us to make a list of the top ten activities’ that we might want to do while in New York. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by and in twenty-four days I will be on my way to participate in Columbia’s Con Law summer course.
Loaner item's table 
When we met back in the cafeteria, Don mostly talked about the loner items he will be offering to anyone who needs it. He also discussed the possible items that we might consider packing along with the lugged options. I was nice seeing familiar face like Jenny my chaperon from last year and my old Brown cohort member it reminded me that in the ILC you can make friendships that last long past the time of the program. 

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  1. Thanks for the Birthday shout-out! I try to read all the blogs and I'm always so tickled when I get mentioned....does that seem a little self-centered? Re-examing....