Monday, June 29, 2015

First Impressions

The first day of class was just what I expected. The day began with a group orientation that took about an hour to start. During the wait I had time to talk with some of the girls of my floor which was nice because I started to find similarities with some people. Juliette is from France but is currently living in China attending and international school. Right after the orientation we headed to our class. I love that my class room is located right next door to my residence hall. The class introduction went well and my professor Ms. Michelle Chun seemed nice. The class went over the syllabus and the assignments that we had during the course. The first session ended at noon what followed was social gathering to let us students meet new people. Aylanna and I made a new friend during lunch that just had the most adorable British accent. It was interesting knowing that Grabriel listened to American music like Taylor Swifts songs.
The second half of the class was review on the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights. I really enjoyed talking with the students in my class since most participate in similar extra curricula activity’s like Mock Trial. The students in the class seemed to be well informed about the constitution which made it seem like I will be learning from the group discussion.  When the class was over I headed to my dorm for a well need nap. It was just what I need to have the energy to go to time square with my cohort.
When I arrived to my suit the RA had us students talk about are days and share some highlights of the day. It was fun just listening to other peoples day since no one on my floor is in my class I was hearing something new. I hope that tomorrow I have more energy to be able to stay up and do my readying. Since the readying is different then the ones from last year I will still have to spend a good amount of my time reading. I am glad that I am challenging myself because this type of academic work is preparing me for college. 

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