Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Columbia University Here We Come

Good bye Richmond, see you soon.
My bags are packed and I am more than ready to set out for what might just be one of the most adventurous summers of my life. I am beyond exited to be going to Columbia this summer that I don’t even mind waking up at 3 in the morning to head to El Cerrito High School. Waking up early is exactly what I expected when Don told me that I was being blessed once more with the opportunity to be a part of the ILC for one more summer. When prole I ask me about my summer at Brown I describe my experience as an awakening to social issue, the Women and Leadership Course changed the way I viewed society and it’s “norms”. This year I hope to be exposed to the power of college students who want to be the change they want to see. One of the many reasons I chose to apply to the Constitutional Law Course had to do with the fact that are judicial system has the power to set precedent law cases and holds the ability to make change happen from law aspect of society and all that just fascinates me.

To be completely honest I am a little nervous and not sure why but I know I will learn a lot from this trip I can’t wait to return back just so that I can share my experience with my friends and my school. I have a feeling that by winter they will all get tired about hearing about the colleges I will be visiting. I am excited for the memories and most off all the friendships I will make. I wanted to thank Don for making this life altering trip possible. And one more thanks to my family who is being quite surprisingly supportive this time around.  With all that being said its time that I cut this blog short and get ready to go to sleep.
I will most definitely not be getting sunburned this summer.

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