Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lets Get Oriented

We have now come to our last event in the ILC before our departure to Columbia University. Today on June 1, 2015 we had the Orientation, which is meant for everyone to come together (meaning ILCers, their parents, chaperones, and ILC administration) so we can go over mostly travel details and preparation. I was looking forward to this day because I knew we would go over most of the information Don had given us on Tutorial day, giving me a chance to refresh my horrible memory.

Orientation was held at Pinole Middle School in the auditorium. Being that I am Pinole Middle School alumnus myself, I knew exactly where that was. In an email we received from Don the day before, he told us to be ready to go by 6:00 PM, so I was sure to be at the school early along with my mother.

Pinole Middle School
When we got to the school we headed straight towards the auditorium. Don along with some chaperones were behind check-in tables right outside the entrance of the auditorium. I said a few hellos then signed my mother and I in and headed inside. Straight away I saw many of items such as blankets, laptops, clocks, and lamps spread out on a large table and many suitcases placed on the stage in the front. The majority of the ILC group had already arrived so it was quite hard to find seating so my mother and I ended up sitting in the far back.

What to choose?

Orientation started at about 6:03 and by that time everyone had arrived. Don started by greeting everyone and carried on with introducing some alumni of the ILC, one of whom was Adrianne Ramsey who attended Columbia University. After that Don introduced our chaperones who told us about themselves and what they planned to do with us on our trip.

Our chaperone has such a lovely laugh.

Then it was time to break up into groups according to the school we would be attending. The Columbia cohort was stationed in a room with a big nice banner signaling the way. Our meeting did not have much new information since we did not have an official itinerary, but this gave us time to brainstorm things to do when we were out there and plan a meet up together.

We are ready for NYC!

After our 30-minute break up session we all met back up in the auditorium where Don began the lengthiest part of the Orientation, which was going over what to bring, how much to bring, and how to bring our possessions. It helps that we already have a list given to us on Tutorial day but today we got to see all of the loaner items available to us (which were the things I mentioned I saw when I first arrived). Our meeting came to an end soon after Don pointed out all that we can borrow and off I went home, ready for our trip.

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  1. My brother always tells me that my laugh reminds him of our mom. Thanks for the complement!