Friday, June 26, 2015

VIP Tour

During the tour a butterfly landed on my hat.

The beginning of the day stared by waking up early to take the train to Pennsylvania. The train station was beautiful full of stunning art work on the wall. The train ride was a nice time to look out of the window to see what the east coast has to offer. Right when we arrived we took taxi's to the Sheraton hotel, since the rooms where not ready we went to go eat dinner at Axis Pizza. I can now say I have tried a Philly cheese stake. With lunch came a fascinating discussion with my cohort on subjects that ranged from abortion to the black life’s matter movement. The feeling I had talking to my pears was exhilarating; it was just what I would expect from college. Being able to have discussion controversial subjects and having the ability to practice active listening was astonishing to me. It’s not exactly what I was expecting from this trip, It was better than my previous expectations.
When Joyce told us the ruling to the same sex marriage I was excited to find out such amazing new. She later on showed us presidents Obamas speech and he couldn’t have said it better “love is love”.
We had to say in the lobby of the hotel until almost 4in after noon since our rooms where still not ready. At about 4:30 PM we head to the University of Pennsylvania. We were lucky to have an amazing personal tour by Dyana a former ILCer from Pinole High school. The campus was full of statue of Benjamin Franklin. There was of a of a cracked man mad landmark button in the shape of the city to represent one of Franklins missing buttons. The campus was just what I imagined Pennsylvania would look like. Dyana did a great job answering all the questions I might have from the school. Below is my list of positives:
·         Good diversity
·         Study abroad
·         Financial help

For dinner we went to Distrito Modern Mexican restaurant. Let me tell you that it was some of best Mexican food I have ever eaten. We had three guest alum go to the dinner it was Dyana and her two friends, Michael and Samantha. Michael gave me great advice by telling me that I will end up in the right place no matter where that is for him it was UPenn.  Dyana put some of my fears at ease when she told me that in most college like UPenn offer support for minority students.  After talking with the students I am excited to go back to school to tell the kids to apply because if you don’t try you will never know.

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