Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hey Georgetown

We began our day by taking a shuttle to the National Mall to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, since we were limited in time we chose to take the one hour guided tour. I was delighted to be in the same place as artifacts that I had read about in my U.S. history class. The museum was massive in size and I was grateful to have the opportunity to be experiencing the chance to be so close to some of this county’s priced possession. I was put in awe by seeing Abraham Lincoln’s hat he wore when he died.

We had lunch in one of the cutest restaurants named Martin’s Tavern. I had a nice time just siting and talking to my cohort over a good lunch, I had a grilled shrimp salad.  The whole feeling of just admiring the city made me think that I could live there.

We went to Georgetown University for our information session and tour. The campuses were beautiful, the architecture was stunning to me--it was gorgeous. I was shocked to find out to that there was a cemetery on the campus. During the information session I took notes of what I thought was important:
  • Liberal arts school
  • Study abroad program
  • Diversity
  • School pride on sports teams 
  • Financial aid  
When the tour was over and all of our questions were answered we headed to our hotel. We got lucky and found a free shuttle that left us at the corner of the hotel, that really saved us a walk and time. When I arrived to the hotel I hurried to take a bath since I was feeling sweaty from all the walking and it was also a hot day. For the dinner I put on a dress and did my hair and makeup, I wanted to make a good impression.

For dinner we went to City Tavern Club which was built in 1796. We were accompanied by three amazing alums that were just the best. Chris and Josie had the best chemistry as they were very proud of their school. It didn’t take much or anything at all to convince us to apply; I have decided to apply early decision. Let me tell you the more I heard the more I could see myself here. The alums had great advice: they told us to take full advantage of college like study abroad and professors. I have to declare this as the best alum dinner ever, no other students have talked to me about their school in the same way they did.

After dinner we took a tour of the club that was led by Sean Redmond the current President of the Preservation Club. The tour was a real history lesson; it felt surreal to be walking in a building of significant importance. During the tour I just couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to be traveling in the past since it was preserved. Thank you Sean Redmond for the tour and history lesson.

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  1. Wasn't it a treat sitting next to Josi? What a fabulous person!--so determined, passionate and enthusiastic about learning and her experiences at Georgetown. I know she really got you excited about your college adventure!