Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Dinner of New Discoveries

Did you know that fried ice-cream was a thing? I sure didn't.

I arrived at Chevy's in Hilltop at 7:03 PM.I walked in (starving) and was immediately confused because there was no sign of my cohort anywhere. I double checked the address and time to make sure that I was correct, and I was puzzled. I then made the daring decision to walk a little further down the hall, and spotted my cohort immediately.
My cohort and I
When I arrived at my table, I was immediately greeted with the friendly faces of my cohort. We discussed some details regarding our trip and some of the places that we wanted to to go to. Here is my top 10 list:

 China town
Empire State Building
Central Park
Statue of Liberty
American Museum of Natural History
Times Square
Watch a Broadway show
Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Coney Island
My veggie-dilla

We ordered our food and beverages, and thankfully everything was presented to us within 10 minutes. I ordered a veggie-dilla, which is exactly what you'd expect it to be, a veggie quesadilla; however, I became remorseful of my order after seeing Ms. Thrift and Deborah's order: sizzling salad. Their meal seemed to be very appetizing and yummy! However, my dish was still pretty good and made me happy inside.
What made me feel even happier however, were the conversations at the dinner table.
 We talked about the past of the Columbia program and some really interesting stories--most memorably, the topic of "Bohemian Grove". During this conversation, my cohort members and I shared funny "descriptions" of the grove which I believe brought us closer together. And to top it off, we even got ice-cream after! But not your average every-day ice cream, but FRIED ICE CREAM WITH CINNAMON AND CRACKER BITS! It was heavenly. 
Our heavenly ice-cream dessert, and Saba!
At 9, we realized that the it was time to call it a night, and to contact our guardians to pick us up. Overall, this night was an extremely pleasant experience. I love to see my cohort all together, heels and blazers aside, getting to know one another better. Not only do I feel closer to my cohort members and chaperon, but I'm now even more excited for our trip.


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