Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Joyce joined us for breakfast this morning so we could go to the Columbia book store to buy a hoodie. It felt like it was so long since I had seen Joyce, it was nice caching up with her and talking about how are classes where going so far. The hoodie shopping was easy for me since I knew exactly what I wanted. I can't wait to go back to school and show off my Columbia pride. Thank you ILC for the sweater. 
The second day of class seemed to be a lot more interesting than the first day in the morning we start going over cases like Marbury V. Madison we started an open class discussion on how factions can negatively affect are government. It was challenging to keep up with the morning session class; turns out that I didn’t fully understand what I was reading. I was intimidated by my class mates since they began to back up their arguments with court cases that I didn’t even knew existed. I tried to stay positive and participate in the class discussion as much as I could. For the second part of the class we watched a film called Our Constitution. The film discussed the role that the Supreme Court plays in protecting the people’s rights. Today I feel like I learned about the importance on check and balance in our government, we focuses on the Congress and Supreme Court and their role in the check and balance system. 
After dinner I went with Alyanna on a group trip to the ballet at the Lincoln Center. I made a new friend from Texas named Alex who I found out just came from doing Brown’s summer program she told me about how much she enjoyed the program and how she made good friends, and that I could understand. The Ballet was on Cinderella. It was my first time experiencing a show like that. It was beautiful seeing what ballerinas can do with their bodies. During the end of the show I began to think about the beauty of the performance and for a second I could feel the emotions they protruded through the story they told using there bodies.  
I was glad I was trying something thing new by going to the ballet and challenging myself in my Con Law class. Much like the ballet show I feel like Cinderella and all I need is a fairy godmother (study group) to trance from me into a prince (knowledgeable).

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  1. Izabel, I know it's alway intimidating to be in a new class with new people, but you've been here before. Keep in mind that as you interact more and more with these students, they will become more human. You'll see that they make mistakes and get things confused, too. That's just the normal grappling with the huge amount of information you are absorbing.

    I like this saying: Risk, Fail, Risk Again. That's the way you know you are really learning something, when you are on the edge of failure all the time. Keep up the good work!