Friday, June 5, 2015

Fresh Mex at the Bohemian Grove With My Fellow Columbians!

After a stressful day filled with interviewing, last minute classwork, and senior goodbyes, I was finally able to reunite with my Columbia Cohort!

I arrived at Chevy's around five minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time of 7PM. The first ones on the scene was my chaperone, Joyce Thrift, and cohort member, Deborah. In the following minutes of my arrival, Izabel quickly came through the door. After a few minutes of light small talk, we were seated in the middle of the rather loud and crowded restaurant, While we waited for the rest of our cohort to arrive, Joyce talked to us about the mischievous students of MIT, and they're most famed prank, placing a fake police car on top of the Great Dome in MIT! 

The fake police car perched on top of Great Dome,
Once Alyanna and Saba had arrived, we all took the moment to talk and get comfortable with each other. Joyce asked us for our top ten places to visit. I shared a few common places with my cohort, but the one place that we all agreed we should visit was the 9/11 Memorial Museum, 

Another similar area of interest was the Empire State Building. But one most peculiar place that some of my cohort members wanted to see quickly grabbed my attention: The Daily Show Hosted by Jon Stewart, the epitome of awesome late night talk shows.

My top tens included (in no particular order):
1.) 9/11 Memorial Museum
2.) Empire State Building
3.)Central Park
4.) West Point
5.) Statue of Liberty
6.) Times Square
7.) One World Trade Center
9.) Wall Street
10.) Brooklyn Bridge                    

Once our food was served, we continued conversations about our new upcoming adventures and updated each other on our different school events and activities.  We talked about our AP tests, block schedules, and graduation ceremonies.During this discussion, Joyce revealed to us that this year would be her last year teaching Drama at Hercules High School. It was a bit of a shocker to all of us since she's taught at Hercules HS as early as its founding. But Ms. Thrift, if you're reading this, De Anza just recently opened a position for a new theater teacher!

While devouring our dessert, Joyce disclosed to us information about the secretive Bohemian Grove. Her husband is apart of the exclusive club that mainly hosts affluent individuals from many different backgrounds. I found it extremely interesting listening to her experiences about being on the campground which turns out to be surprisingly beautiful and charming.

After a night of bloated stomachs and entertaining stories, Joyce paid the check and we all went home. We exchanged goodbyes yet again and Joyce stated that we'd see each other again on our departure day. Her statement made me feel a sense of appreciation as I realized that I'd be spending three weeks away from home with such an incredible group of people.

I can truly say with utmost confidence that this summer will be truly amazing. 
We are incredible

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  1. I'm going to check out that job posting! Thanks for the tip!