Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oh How Time Flies!

Well today is the day. After the sleepless nights spent writing essays, orientations, and an exquisite dinner, all the hard work has paid off. In less than ten hours, I'll be in front of El Cerrito High School ready to begin my journey to the Eastern Coast of the United States. 

It just sends chills down my spine with the thought that I'll be almost 3,000 miles from my warm comfy pillow in Richmond. But this is what I signed up for, and oh am I so excited!

I literally just spent the whole day packing my belongings and reviewing my constitutional law textbook. Towards the middle of the day I started to develop a strange sense of frustration over the fact that I was trying to review and pack up simultaneously. One minute I'd be packing shirts into an overloaded suitcase and the next I'd be re-reading about the Wallace V. Jaffrey case. After taking a moment to reevaluate myself, I reorganized my luggage and did my final weigh in. My luggage came down to an astonishing 45 pounds, not bad for what I expected. 

Shortly after around five hours of pure organized chaos, I ate my last home cooked family meal. While chewing on my chicken, I just realized how much they've helped build what I've become. If it wasn't for my parents' support, I would've given up and not applied to the ConLaw program at all, they were the ones who truly pushed me to not give up even though the odds seemed impossible. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Now that everything is accounted for, and my bags are neatly packed, it's about time to get some shut eye. In just a few hours I'll be embarking on the greatest journey in my life, meeting new faces and discovering some awesome new things! East coast here I come!!
My 45lb luggage and my backpack.
1,776 pages of awesome...

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