Sunday, June 28, 2015

Let’s Have Pride

The morning was full of pride. Today was the gay pride parade in New York City and my cohort got to see it. We went down to 28th street to catch the beginning of the parade. The parade was full of the energy of the crowd which was still living in the excitement of the Supreme Court ruling that made same sex marriage legal in all 50 states. This was a moment in my life that I will always remember.

We left the parade early to make it on time to check in to our dorms.  We arrived to Columbia around 2 in the afternoon. My room was located I the center of the campus in Hartley Hall. I unpacked and met my roommate Diana, who is originally from Sweden. I have a suite style dorm with ten girls in my apartment style suite. We all went down for dinner together where I tried to remember everyone’s name.

My RA is Liza who is just so welcoming, went over the rules--which were reasonable (like no drinking). She also stressed not being late to check in. I met up with my cohort and we decided to go across the street to get something to eat.

It was nice catching up with everyone and hearing about their roommates and there stories. I can’t wait to start class tomorrow and begin something new with the new people I will meet along the way.  I am going to call this an early night and go to sleep early for the the first day of class tomorrow. 

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  1. What a time to be in such a place. How lucky you all are.