Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Off to Manhattan and the Farthest Reaches of the World

It was cold and it was breezy in front of El Cerrito HS when the Columbia cohort showed up starting at about 3:30 in the morning.

They all verified that they had brought their government issued photo IDs and their medical insurance cards; their luggage was weighed and luggage tags affixed.

All that was waiting for them now was the pop quiz they were given to verify that they had read the required reading prior to getting on the plane.

Each of the ILCers from the two courses to be studied—Intro to Business and Economics and Constitutional Law—were asked questions to show that they understood the material. While their answers may not have shot out of their mouths, they said what was necessary to convince us that they were ready.  [In all fairness it was so cold that their mouths may have been frozen shut.]

Last minute blogging instructions were given before heading off to have the group photo taken.

While waiting for the airport shuttle, most of the parents slipped away to return to their beds before the blankets got cold (a very good idea).

When the shuttle arrived—early—the cohort seemed to have trouble understanding that it was now time to take their seats so their journey could begin.  After some gentle prodding they took their required positions, the shuttle doors slid closed and by 4:51 AM the next thing we knew all that was left was a glimpse of the shuttle’s taillights as it headed down the street.

They’ve worked hard to get to this point and they’re ready to show the world that students from the WCCUSD are as good as anyone else.

Before diving into their studies at Columbia, however, they’re first headed off to Georgetown to see where ILC alums Bryan Moran and Oyin Ajayi will be starting their collegiate years.  Then it’s off to UPenn where ILC Superstar alum Dyana So will show off the schools she owns.  And while in New York City, the cohort will visit NYU.  When they return home they’ll be filled with information they can share with their peers that can’t be found on the Internet.

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