Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Start of the Worm Life

The Colossal Buildings of New York City
I stepped out of the train station to the crazy hustle and bustle of the landmark city of New York. I looked up at the buildings absolutely astonished--the buildings all around me were taller than I had ever seen. One of the main things that caught my eye was this huge LCD display in the side of the building with advertisements; the colors were extremely rich in display and color. (I thought it would make a terrific addition to any at-home theater.) There were homeless people everywhere I looked, and there was a multitude of people who seemed to always be in a rush. I felt that it was basically an amplified version of San Francisco, but with more people that seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today.

My cohort and I tried to locate a taxi, and quickly found this long line of them on the middle of 8th avenue. We soon realized however, that the long line of taxis also corresponds to the long line of people right next to it, so we had to wait about 10 minutes before we were accommodated. That line of taxis was berserk. I heard car horns literally every ten seconds, and they got so close to each other that I was nearly certain that there was going to be an accident. 

After finally getting a taxi, we arrived at our hotel, however, our rooms were not yet ready, so we headed out into the city. Our first destination was Central Park. Central Park's atmosphere was completely opposite to the big city's. I feel that it was a great escape from the crazy city-life, and it seemed like it was a whole new world of its own. We noticed some street performers around the corner who referred to themselves as the Afrobatics. They had lots of playful banter and were really funny, however they seemed to promise a lot without actually displaying anything. They did a few cool dance moves and jumped over people, but I was expecting a lot more. 
Izabel and I on the Subway

After our pleasant stroll, we headed for Times Square. There were crowds of people everywhere, so it was incredibly easy to get lost in the crowd. Not to mention it was raining, so walk there wasn't the most pleasant. When we arrived there however, I was amazed by all of the billboards. They were so bright and definitely hard to miss. After a quick trip to the M&M store, we took the subway back to where our hotel was. I found the subway to be rather sufficient and ingenious, and as someone with very little street-smarts, I understood the system rather quickly. I have to say though, the subway was pretty crowded. However, after about two stops I was lucky enough to acquire a seat. 

When we got off of the subway, we went back to our hotel and put our luggage into our room. We settled in, and after about 30 minutes we left to go eat dinner. 

The Great View of Times Square

We quickly found a nice sushi place about 3 blocks away. I ordered the "Planet Dragon", which was delightfully delicious. We also had some rather pleasant talks over dinner about the future and Ms. Thrift's intriguing life. After dinner, we took a quick stop to a cookie place across the street, and returned to our hotel, concluding this exciting day. 

When a worm enters an apple, it goes in to eat it, and grow from all the nutrition that it's receiving from all the fiber and juices. The worm can also use the apple as a temporary shelter, and use it to seek protection. I feel that I am the worm in the apple today. My experience here in New York will cause me grow as a person and develop into the being that I was meant to be. I will be exposed to so much knowledge that will feed my mind and expand my limits. Today marks my first day as a small worm in the Big Apple, and I can't wait to delve further into it.


  1. I loved reading your assessment of the New York Attitude.

  2. I hope you will never forge that you had the most amazing plate of Sushi I'v ever seen! It was so beautiful and thanks for giving me a bite!