Saturday, March 28, 2015

One Step Closer

As of 12:15 today, my dream of going to one of the most prestigious schools in the world and studying Constitutional Law just got one step closer.

My adventure started at around 7 AM on this lovely Saturday morning. I hastily got out of bed and opened my eyes thinking about the wonderful things that would eventually lead to my life changing journey at Columbia University. I arrived at De Anza High School at around 8:10 AM.Having arrived at De Anza my father and I wondered where the ILCers would meet since all the gates and doors were locked. Then suddenly at the corner of my eye, I spotted a very distinct white sign attached to the black fence that closed off the entrance to the main hallway that read, "The Ivy League Connection". It was at that moment that I felt that I was finally apart of something bigger than myself. I said goodbye to my father and walked out into the warm Saturday breeze. I took slow steps towards the black gate and the white sign taking in the moment and thinking about what things would lay ahead.

We began our tutorial at exactly 8:30AM. After going through the many interesting "relatives" of Don Gosney, we went through some of the tutorial notes and took a short ten minute break.Everyone took this time to eat and socialize but it was during this break that I found out that my computer had no internet access. I quickly went through each computer panicking, logging in and logging out again and again and still no internet access. Moments later, we all found out that we all had lost internet access! I thought "Well this isn't some good publicity for our school!". After getting in contact with De Anza's Tech Academy Lead Teacher, Mr. Gill, we fixed our technical difficulties and continued with our tutorial. Well didn't morning tutorial go off to an interesting start?

Eventually, we all had the chance to play around with our cameras and take some pictures of the campus and of each other. But the highlight of all of this for me was our first unofficial group photo:
After practicing and learning how to upload and download photos into our blogs, Don started to wrap things up by going over some administivia. In my opinion I found the administrivia part on behavior a tad bit boring since most of it came down to one thing: DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!

Our tutorial ended around 12:15, I came out tired and annoyed by the fact that I'd have to be back at De Anza again in an hour for an Aloha Dinner, but if there's one main thing that I really loved about my short few hours with the ILC is its professional setting and the amazing new people that I got to work with.

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