Saturday, March 28, 2015

Now We Begin

Today it finally hit me; I am headed to New York to Columbia University. Although I had been out-this-world thrilled the day of my interview when I got accepted to the Ivy League Connection I do not think that the realization dawned on me, until today.

We had our first Tutorial Day at De Anza High School where we learned about the essentials of being an ILCer, such as blogging, travel tips, and rules. Don passed out the thick booklets full of ILC information and gave us a presentation on everything we needed to know to have a successful trip.
Tutorial Day at De Anza High School

My first blog!
As the day went by many things went wrong. After we got the ball rolling we started to write our first blog. I had never written a blog and found the idea of writing about your day it a bit foreign but as I started to write I started to really like it. This is what I came up with:

Mission Impossible: Tutorial Day

Today during our first tutorial for the ILC it seems that all that could have gone wrong happened. Between the internet failing to work on multiple computers and blog invitation come from the wrong blogs it seemed as though all hope was lost. But Don did not let that stop him from getting the job done. It was as though he accessed his inner Tom Cruise and fought all that was holding us back from getting through the day. After calling tech support and resolving the problem with the blog, we cried in victory and yelled to the gods that we were triumphant. Or at least in my head we did.

Everyone trying to get nice photos.
Not bad for a first timer huh? After we finished writing our blogs Don gave us time to take pictures so we can post later as we write about the day. It was super fun taking pictures of the room and of the location. I think taking pictures is going to be one of the most fun things on our trip.

As the day came to and end I left De Anza feeling much more confident and excited for our trip this summer.

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