Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Virtual Toast

The quest for adventure is now underway! 

A clever rearrangement of nature. 

To be honest, when Don's emails dropped off into silence after I was selected for the Ivy League Connection (ILC), the program was automatically defaulted to my brain's back burner. But today, after attending the morning tutorial session at DeAnza High School for blogging and other critical things, I finally feel as though all the possibilities and hopes that come with being a part of the ILC are beginning to materialize. 

The only drawback for today, in particular, was that I had to wake up earlier than I've had to wake up on a Saturday in a long while. Not to mention, the WiFi connection at the high school was frustratingly unreliable. Luckily for us, none of Don's lesser-known relatives seemed to emerge and the food we were provided with was lovely.

Sadly, I was busy taking the picture below with Joanne and Gwennie and missed this one. 
After presenting everyone with lengthy, detailed packets, Don reviewed them and told us stories of ILC alumni and their past mistakes as well as how not to make them in the future. We all walked around taking pictures for our practice posts and desperately searched for original material in the small area we were allowed to take pictures in. 

Three thumbs up!
As a whole, the four hours it took to get a general sense of how to blog, take pictures, and behave was productive and informative. It was great to see my classmates and friends and get to meet my cohort, but it was also great to see people I didn't know (but will hopefully get to know in the future). Interestingly enough, the whole affair felt more like two hours, whether it was because I found the information fascinating or because the other two hours were most likely spent troubleshooting internet problems. Regardless, I now feel more comfortable with using Blogger and MediaFire than ever before. 

With that, I'd like to take the time to make a virtual toast of sorts. So please join me now as I raise my "glass" into the air. 

"To new beginnings."

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