Wednesday, May 27, 2015

With Prospect Comes Fine Dining

I can not remember who's hand is in the picture.
I have waited for this dinner for so long and the day finally arrived on May 26, 2015 the Columbia cohort finally had there dinner with the sponsors and the alums. I was looking forward to the dinner this whole week. I was the first to arrive at El Cerrito Plaza BART station; I believe that if you show up on time them you are late that being said I arrived 15 minutes early. My mother accompanied me to the dinner. At about 5 in the afternoon everyone began to arrive Mark and his mother arrived after which gave me the chance to introduce myself to his mother and to talk more to Mark to get to know him better. One of the thing both Mark and I had in common was that we were both affiliated with a paramilitary organization, and before we knew it we were discussing chain of command and off all things how to shine boots. I was glad I had chosen to wear a suit and not a dress like I have planned because the night was chilly. While on our direct BART ride to San Francisco I sat next to Deborah we talked about our expectations if the trip and some of the activities we hoped to do. 
Alyanna and my mother
It was about a four block walk from the BART to the restaurant. During my walk I talked to Alyanna grandmother, Gloria who was just lovely to talk to. I enjoyed talking to her grandmother she made me feel like we had knew each other for a long time. When we reached Prospect restaurant we were scoured to a privet room. During the cocktail hour I spoke to Sophie Evans-Boroditsky ‘94/’95 alum. Sophie talked to me about her experience and how she managed to live of a small amount of money. I was inspired at how she managed to have the full college experience on a budget which made college seem more realistic. I also learned from her that even if you have a set major it might not be exactly what you end up doing in your profession.  
Deborah and I on BART
When we were seated I found myself next to Samara Trilling a recent graduate who literally just graduated last week. The one advice that she gave me was to take a programming class in my freshman year of college because it could be a tool to help me deal with data. She also helped me understand the importance of being open and not being scared of change in particulate social change. I enjoyed listening to the group discussions going on around the table. It opened my eyes to what Columbia has to offer in respect to the alumni's.
I am truly thankful to be participating in this summer’s Constitutional Law course. Thank you to all the sponsor, supporters and founders who make this program possible. I also wanted to thank the alum who talked us students and gave us something to look forward to this summer. 
The main course 


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