Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fairly Formal Forum.

Like many others, I had no idea what to expect from the school board meeting. It wasn't that I was nervous as much as I was clueless. Upon my arrival to Lovonya DeJean Middle School, I bumbled about in the multi-purpose room before I had the pleasure of meeting our cohort's chaperone, Joyce Thrift. Ms. Thrift was so lovely and kind and I'm looking forward to getting to know her more on the trip and at our upcoming dinner. Along with Ms. Thrift, I was finally able to meet and talk with all the other members in my cohort officially. Although I've always felt like meeting other high-school kids in an official manner is slightly awkward, I've realized that maybe it's just me. Saba, Mark, Alyanna, and Izabel were outgoing and not awkward at all and I'm definitely excited to become better friends with them as we explore the fascinating things the East Coast and New York City have to offer together.

We were seated in the front aisle, up close to where all the action took place. After the meeting began and the school board completed all their official tasks and procedures, it was time for us to go up and shine (for around 3 minutes). Fortunately, I was confident in my flag-holding abilities. As the other cohorts were introduced, I found that the most interesting part was listening to the speeches given by fellow ILC members. They were all impressively professional and confident. Could I have done that?
One can only hope.

The group photos taken afterwards were much less tedious and difficult than legends told them to be. Although my mouth did hurt a little from smiling so long, the arrangement went well (thanks to Don's attention to every little detail, of course). Altogether, it was really great to get to see the generosity and support shown to the Ivy League Connections program by sponsors and the school board firsthand. I hope to make them proud as a representative of the district and El Cerrito High embarking on this new journey.

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